Bleu Cheese and Bacon Stuffed Steak Pin Wheels with Horseraddish Crust

This is a great addition to any party spread. Everyone loves bacon. Remember to let the meat rest before slicing to keep it juicy.

Start with your family’s favorite cut of steak of about 2-3lbs. A large London Broil or a pair of flank steaks or flat iron steaks will work beautifully.

Butterfly the steak with a sharp knife.

Filling: Lay strips of bacon, about 1/2 lb of applewood smoked is fabulous, across the opened steak. Sprinkle crumbled Bleu Cheese over bacon, about 4 oz. Roll steak into log, being careful to keep stuffing in.

Top with horseradish butter: 1 TB fresh grated horseradish plus 2 TB soft butter, whipped with 1 tsp salt. Spread the mixture over top of rolled steak.

Place on broiler pan. Bake in 300 degree F oven for 30 min for medium, 40 minutes for medium well. Allow meat to rest 10 minutes before slicing.

MAKE AHEAD TIP: The steak can be stuffed ahead of time and frozen for up to 1 week. Wrap in plastic film tightly before freezing. Thaw in the fridge then bake before serving.


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  1. Not sure what power on earth made you do this but the title alone made me drool. Im the only person in this house that loves blue. Thanks so much for sharing and a happy new year!

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