About Pet Food

I’ve got some big dogs. They have big appetites. I’m a sucker and I cook for them.

My pet food recipes are meant as treats and supplements. Doggie stomachs vary so much, it’s simply not sound to radically change your dogs food without consulting your vet. Hopefully, you know your dog’s health cues as well as you know your own. If your pup is feeling run down, got a bee sting, has dry skin, or has had a hard work out, some high quality nutritious treat foods are definitely the way to go.

My dog recipes were created to provide my dogs with extra nutrition, save on natural dog food costs, and reduce food waste. When possible, I practice “inter-dog composting” = feeding healthy scraps to my dogs. Things like sweet potato peels, carrot peels, green bean stems, pulp from the juicer, and kale ribs have nutrition, and my dogs eat them up. I also save these parts for stews and cookies.

There are foods your pup can’t have. Grapes, raisins (yuck! there will never ever be a recipe with raisins in the whole blog), and onions are off limits. Even if you think your dog “likes it” — NO. Not safe. Careful when feeding fats and drippings. Oils that speed up our intestinal movement do the same to your dog.  As a general rule, if it’s going to make a people sick it’ll make a dog sick. Also, some bones are okay raw while others are okay cooked. Know your bones and watch your dog.

You can always ask you vet before cooking anything for your pooch.  I’m sure your vet would love to know about this blog and these recipes too!

PS — I don’t make cat food. I don’t have cats. Cats really just want a bit of fish and to be worshiped.  No recipe needed there.

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